About R K Arts

R. K Arts, an efficiently managed manufacturing company of heat transfer stickers for commercial production and textile industries, catering local as well as international markets. We possess huge capacity to take mammoth printing assignments to manufacture stickers and have entered export market since 5 years.

Manufacturing Industry all over the world is experiencing high level of technical advancement and there is no doubt that all these research and development works are contributing immensely to the growth of manufacturing Industry across the world.

At R. K Arts, we strive to specialize in manufacturing of Heat Transfer Stickers with stunning effects; we have huge stock of various designs in preparation of heat transfer sticker to suit all occasions and moods. You can select a design; ask us to modify it by adding your own message, changing colors, inserting pictures, and more. Our hugely experienced & qualified staff work day & night on production to meet delivery & shipping deadlines with maintaining the desired quality in line.

We possess production capacity of 20,000 A4 size stickers in a day. We have responded optimistically to the major export orders in last three years, one of the major highlight of those orders is a maximum of 15,00,000/- stickers for T-shirts, Caps, 10,00,000/- Pallas stickers and 50,000/- bag stickers (within a span of 6 months).

Company Skill Level
  • Screen Sticker Printing 99%
  • Puff design 40%
  • direct Printing 60%
  • Designing 95%
  • Transfer Printing 99%
  • fusing 65%
Meet the Team

Ramesh Sakpal


Sewree T-Shirts printing company, Dadar T-Shirts printing company
Mangesh Gholipakar


TRANSFER PRINTING COMPANY IN MUMBAI, Dadar T-Shirts printing company
Mahesh Kadam


TRANSFER PRINTING COMPANY IN MUMBAI, Dadar T-Shirts printing company
Bhagwan Shinde

Production Supervisor